When this whole pandemic began, our rights and freedom also began to slowly die out. People all over the world have been harassed for not wearing masks while grocery shopping, taking the airplane, and even in their workplace. People have been threatened to comply or to lose their jobs. Those with medical exemptions couldn’t go anywhere without being harassed, and sometimes even assaulted. Children have been obliged to wear masks even though it harms their development. To address this, we decided to create a mask that lets people breathe. We use a special fabric made to look like you wear a mask, but you can breathe as if you don’t wear one. We made this, because we understand that it’s hard to stand for your freedom of choice when you’re alone and vulnerable in a position where you can lose your job or if you’re in a region where it is mandated even in essential places like grocery stores.

BreathePrayLove is a collective that advocates for freedom. We are against censorship. We have started this great movement to express boldly and unequivocally our dissent against these measures that don't make sense in the long term. Our mission is to bring awareness to the rapid decline of our human rights and civic freedom.

Our vision is a world were every person has freedom of choice over their health and their beliefs. No one should be harassed or assaulted for expressing dissent. Dissent is important and makes our societies evolve. Freedom is at the core of our democratic societies.

Freedom, patriotism, persistence, and achievement.

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